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Videos for your
"Muscle Car" Overdrive Pleasure


Who Am I


Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mic Sherman and I've been marketing online since 2004.  I love traveling, music, dancing, motorcycles and muscle cars (among other interests).

Thanks to the flexibility of the "internet lifestyle", I've been blessed with more freedom & time to enjoy my interests.  There's nothing like being able to generate residual income on autopilot & live life on my own terms.  I want to help you do the same.  My desire is to help shorten the learning curve so you can quickly achieve your profit goals.


The "overdrive" theme comes from my love of muscle cars. I grew up in the '70's and with nostalgia, I remember my mother racing her yellow, limited edition '71 Plymouth Cuda on the Texas freeways... similar to this one -->

My dad had both a maroon '68 Ford Mustang GT

71 Plymouth Cuda

and a yellow '69 Boss 302... those were the days.  Although a young toddler at the time, I understood the beauty & freedom "muscle" meant then and it has contributed to my love of "muscle" now.


Here's some YouTube muscle car "eye & ear candy".  Enjoy.



> turn it up - click play <

71 Cuda Idle






> turn it up - click play <

1970 426 Hemi Plum Crazy RT Challenger (A BEAST... once it starts ;-)






> turn it up - click play <

Challenger Burnout





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