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The Formula:

One of the fastest, automated ways to generate residual income is to effectively "set & forget" an email autoresponder.  Here’s what the proven formula looks like:


Automated Residual Income Formula


And yes, it really is that simple. 


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A few testimonials (more inside):


Already $10,210.51 In Residual Income... After 2 Months!

  "My goal was 10k this month. And after only 2 months since joining, I ended the month at $10,210.51 for the month of March 2014. These results were done with exactly what we teach newbies on our team! I believe I will reach $50k/month by the end of the year." - Anji L.  

$2,696.52 In Weekly Residual Income After Starting Feb. 18th 2014

  "I love Mondays!! In a few short weeks, I proved anyone can COMPRESS time and create a full time income online. After starting on Feb. 18th, my weekly income today is $2,696.52!! And this is a RESIDUAL INCOME business! I give this my strongest recommendation." - Jerry M.  

Generated Residual Income Of $11,345.03 For March 2014

  "I have made thus far $10,372.22 minimum this month between March 1 - 19, 2014. And this doesn't even count all the sales that are about to happen the rest of March. There are still 12 days left in the month!" - Fraser M. UPDATE - Ended at $11,345.03.  


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